Here I will share some of the songs I’ve tried to learn in Spanish, with the original lyrics and my English translations side by side. I’ve just been choosing songs I like, from the 1950s to the present day.
It’s a pretty eclectic selection, including songs by both hugely popular artists and relatively obscure but critically acclaimed groups. There are a few wild cards thrown in as well, just to keep things interesting.
However, most of the songs have strong melodies and relatively clear lyrics.
I have also included some guitar chords to help you sing along! (seriously, this is a great way to improve your pronunciation).
I’ll make a few comments about grammar as well, but nothing too heavy.
Some of the posts feature my own versions, just me and an acoustic guitar. N.B. The chords included are in the key of the record, and my versions are often moved to another key.
I’ve also included a few ‘singable’ translations, again performed by myself. These include Spanish songs sung in English and vice-versa.

Update (2015): After 5 years of purely Spanish Pop Lyrics I a have started to include a few French songs. French Pop Lyrics will be a kind of blog within the blog (click on the tab of this name if you want to see just these entries). However, I will continue to include new Spanish translations as well. 

 Update (2016): Now I have started a German Pop Lyrics section. Maybe I should change the name of the blog to European Pop Lyrics!




6 thoughts on “About

  1. I am impressed with what you have done. When I find sparse moments I do dive into your selections and come across some gems. Thanks for your work. I like your comment above: “..most of the songs have strong melodies and relatively clear lyrics..” Ben

  2. awesome site for music lovers. This is a great way for me to find good latin american and spanish music and it looks like some other good stuff too. Thanks so much for taking the time to broaden my world here.

    I want to subscribe via email or an rss feed. Can you help? I’m not seeing it. Thanks again.

  3. Love your site, my favorite group is “Los Zafiros”. Since i am learning guitar, i was wondering if you had any chords to their songs besides de ones already posted here. I already learned those two. Million thanks and keep up the good work…. George

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