Another song from Duncan Dhu’s "Canciones" LP. This was their first hit.

Hoy el viento sopla más de lo normal
las olas intentando
salirse del mar
el cielo es gris
y tú no lo podrás cambiar
mira hacia lo lejos
busca otro lugar
y cien gaviotas,
donde irán?

Hoy no has visto a nadie
con quien derrumbar los muros
que gobiernan en esta ciudad
hoy no has visto a nadie
con quien disfrutar
placeres que tan sólo tú imaginarás
y tus miradas dónde irán.

Hoy podrás beber y lamentar
que ya no volverán
sus alas a volar
cien gaviotas
dónde irán.

Hoy el día ya no es como los demás
el ron y la cerveza harán que acabes mal
nena ven conmigo, déjate llevar
hoy te enseñaré dónde termina el mar
y cien gaviotas
dónde irán.

Today the wind blows harder than usual
the waves are trying
to jump out of the sea
the sky is grey
and you won’t be able to change it
look at things far away,
search for another place
and one hundred seagulls,
where will they go?

Today you haven’t seen anyone
with whom to bring down the walls
that govern this city
Today you haven’t seen anyone
with whom to enjoy
pleasures that you can only imagine
and you, where will you look?

Today you can drink and lament
that now they won’t return
their wings flying
one hundred seagulls,
where will they go?

Today the day isn’t like the rest
the rum and the beer will make you ill
Baby come with me, let yourself go
today I’ll show to you where the sea ends
and one hundred seagulls,
where will they go?
A – D (repeat) ->E
Verse: B – F#m –  D
Chorus: A – C#m – F#m - D


Here is another great track from the LP ‘Canciones’ (1986) by Duncan Dhu.

They seem to have had a thing about Scotland, as they had previously released a mini-LP called ‘Por Tierras Escocesas’ (Through Scottish Lands).


Te cubrirá, te cubrirá la niebla
el frío que hay en ti
escucha el ruido de las olas
rompiéndose en el mar.

Tuviste que dejar
volverás a soñar
por última vez
el sueño escocés

Un poco más, un poco más buscando
algún lugar donde pensar
esa torre entre las sombras
testigo de tu cautividad

It will cover to you, the fog will cover will
the coldness that’s inside you
Listen to the noise of the waves
breaking into the sea.

You had to leave
you will return to dream
for the last time
the Scottish dream

A little more, a little more searching
some place to think
that tower between the shadows
witness of your captivity
Verse / Estrofa:
F – C – F – C
Chorus / Estribillo:
G – F – G –F – C – F – C – F


For a year now I’ve been translating Spanish pop songs into English, but is it possible to write a singable translation of a song i.e. one which rhymes and scans and retains the meaning of the original?

The short answer is no – but I’ve had a go anyway. The song is “Una Calle De Paris” by Duncan Dhu. (see March 2010 for my original post on this song with a more literal translation).

Obviously I’ve had to take a lot of liberties to try and make it work. I’ve tried to retain some of the poetry and flow of the original which has mean’t changing some lines completely. I just hope the writers Mikel Erentxun and Diego Vasallo aren’t too offended!. Anyway, I’m pleased with it and I think it’s worth sharing.


A Parisian avenue
I lost my money, that’s not why I’m feeling blue
I took a gamble from the start
You shouldn’t play games 
Like that with somebody’s heart
And in my room the lights are dead
There’s a painting and a bed

A Parisian avenue
Just a memory, I wanted more from you
You said goodbye, I paid the bill
the wine and pleasure
I suppose you’d had your fill
The curtains in my room are thin
I keep them drawn I don’t want the sun to come in

The night it took away
My paintings and what was left of my faith
And now no one will say
They saw me painting, those were different days
The portrait that I left
Your smile unfinished, how could I forget?
I hangs over the bed
Your lips so red… 

A Parisian avenue
Remembers all the things I never did with you
All the things we could have been
You shouldn’t play games 
Like that with somebody’s dream
And in my room the lights are dead
There’s a painting and a bed
The curtains in my room are thin
I keep them drawn I don’t want the sun to come in


One of my favourite Spanish pop songs ever, from Duncan Dhu’s second LP El Grito Del Tiempo (1987).

Update: I have now recorded an English version of this song!



Una calle de París...

no es tan sólo oro lo que allí perdí,

una apuesta al corazón

Nunca juegues

Si sólo queda tu honor.

Y ahora hay una habitación

con un cuadro y un colchón.


Una calle de París...

su recuerdo, todo lo que conseguí;

el adiós de una mujer

se llevó la paga,

el vino y el placer.

Y en mi vieja habitación

hay cortinas

para que no entre el sol,

no entre el sol.


La noche se llevó

los cuadros, la cordura y la fe,

y nunca más se vio

salir ningún color de mi pincel.

El cuadro que pinté

con tu sonrisa y nunca acabé,

quedó en la habitación

y nunca más se vio.


Una calle de París

me recuerda todo aquello que no fui,

el final de una ilusión

en la noche en que París se estremeció.

Y ahora hay una habitación

con un cuadro y un colchón.



A Parisian street

It’s not only money that I lost there

A gamblewith my heart

Don’t play games

If all you have left is your honour

And now there is a room

With a painting and a mattress


A Parisian street

Her memory is all I have

A woman’s farewell

She took the money,

the wine and the pleasure

And in my old room

There are curtains

So the sun doesn’t come in

The sun doesn’t come in


The night took

The paintings, my sanity and my faith

And it was never seen again

A single colour leaving my paintbrush

The picture that I painted

With your smile and never finished

Was left in the room

And was never seen again


A Parisian street

It reminds me of everything I wasn’t

The end of a dream

The night when Paris trembled

And now there is a room

With a painting and a mattress



Intro: E – E+ – A – Am

Verse: E – G#m – A – Am

F#m – B

Bridge:C#m – A – F#m – G#

C#m – A – F#m – A – G#


It’s difficult this one! I’ll get back to you when my Spanish has improved…



Esos Ojos Negros (‘Those Dark Eyes’) is from the 1986 album Canciones by Duncan Dhu. Their best songs feature irresistible upbeat melodies, but the lyrics always seem to mention grey skies – and this is no exception!

Esos ojos negros,
no los quiero ver llorar
tan solo quiero escuchar, dime
lo que quiero oir, dime
que vas a reir, dime
dime ahora que duerme la ciudad
Hace ya algun tiempo,
que tu voz parece ser
una pluma y un papel, que cuentan
que vas a volar en sueños
que serán tus ojos negros,
los que me iluminen al andar
La lluvia cae sobre el suelo gris
el tiempo pasa y no puedo reir
la noche es larga, mi voz amarga,
hoy he visto despertar el sol
y tus pupilas, brillarán,
pero espera descuida, que ya verás
los buenos tiempos volverán
pero espera descuida, que ya vendrán
la lluvia los devolverá.
Those dark eyes,
I don’t want them to see them cry
I only want to listen, tell me
what I want to hear, tell me
that you’re going to laugh, tell me
tell me now the city is asleep
Already for some time now
Your voice has seemed like
a pen and a paper, that tell
that you’re going to fly in dreams
that your dark eyes will be,
those that illuminate me when I walk
The rain falls on the grey ground
time passes and I can’t laugh
the night is long, my voice is bitter
today I have seen the sun wake up
and your pupils will shine,
but wait don’t worry, now you’ll see
the good times will return
but wait don’t worry, now they’re coming
the rain will bring them back


G – G7 – C – A7

D – C – D – C

D – C7 – G – D7


G – Bm – G – Bm – D

C – D – G – G7

C – D – G – G7

C – D – G – Em7

C – D – G – D7


Lots of imperative at the beginning: dime (tell me!).

The future tense (verás, volverán etc) is used later in the song – the good times WILL return …