Los Huracanes have appeared previously on this blog with their tremendous track “El Calcetin”. “Aún”, which was originally released on an EP in 1965, is also excellent, and they must be one of the most underrated Spanish bands of the Sixties.

N.B. In context Aún (with accent, meaning still) makes more sense than Aun (without accent, meaning even). On the record sleeve there is no accent, but accents are often omitted in Spanish when words are written in capitals.

UPDATE: Actually, now I think Aun is probably just intended as a noise rather than a word i.e. Ahh – Ooh.

Thanks to Oriana Blanchard at Lyrics Translate for transcribing the Spanish lyrics.


Aún, aún, aún es tiempo de llegar
Aún, aún, aún habrá ambiente 
y chicas para bailar
Aún, aún, si no llego a vivir
la vida ya se va
Aún, aún, debo buscar un medio con que marchar
Sí corro no puedo parar
Pronto, pronto, quiero sólo llegar
No hay tranvías que me lleven
Sí... Corriendo siempre estoy



Still, still, there’s still time to get there
Still, still, there will still be atmosphere 
and girls to dance with
Still, still, if I don’t start to live 
Life will pass me by
Still, still, I should look for a way to get there

Yes I’m running, I can’t stop
Quickly, quickly, I just want to get there
There’s no tram to take me
Yes… I’m always running



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