GERMAN POP LYRICS: The 1960s – Part 11

This series has already featured France Gall and Francoise Hardy, so why not include Sylvie Vartan as well? The sad truth is that the homegrown beat Mädchens were no match for these French ye-ye imports.

“La Chanson” was adapted from French to German by Udo Jürgens in 1966. An influential figure in German language pop, he is perhaps best known for winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria that same year. Vartan may not be famous for singing in German, but she is at her best here, giving a passionate performance. This rarity can be found on the compilation “Verlorene Mädchen: Teil 1”.


La Chanson, das Lied das mir geblieben
Erzählt mir du wirst mich immer lieben
Doch viel zu schnell vergingen unsere Tage
Wer Antwort sucht, der findet eine Frage

Ja, la Chanson, das Lied das wir gesungen
Ist nun für dich vergessen und verklungen
Und jeder Blick aus deinen Augen sagt: "Vorbei!"

Jedes Wort wollt' diesem Lied ich glauben
Niemand sollt' dieses Glück mir rauben

La Chanson, das Lied hat mich betrogen
Es klang so schön, doch du hast mich belogen
Und viel zu schnell vergingen unsere Stunden
Wir suchten uns und haben nichts gefunden

Ja, la Chanson, das Lied ist mir geblieben
Und tut's auch weh, ich werd' es immer lieben
Ja, heute sing' ich dieses unser Lied nur für dich
Wo du auch bist, wohin's dich auch zieht
Hör’ la Chanson, unser Lied

La Chanson, the song that stays with me
Tells me you will always love me
But our days passed by far too fast
One who looks for answers will find a question

Yes, la Chanson, the song that we sang	
Is now forgotten and faded for you
And every look from your eyes says: "It’s over!"

I wanted to believe every word of this song
No one shall rob me of this happiness

La Chanson, the song deceived me
It sounded so beautiful, but you lied to me
And our hours passed by far too fast
We searched for each other and found nothing

Yes, la Chanson, the song stays with me
And it also hurts, I will always love it
Yes, today I sing this, our song, only for you
Wherever you are, wherever you are drawn
Listen to la Chanson, our song

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