This is the first post in a short series focusing on Annette Humpe, a German songwriter who has enjoyed success with many different projects over the last forty years. A large chunk of her career is covered on the compilation “Zeitgeschichte – Das Beste von und für Annette Humpe”.

She first came into the spotlight when she joined Neonbabies, a punk band led by her younger sister Inga Humpe. The band soon proved too small to contain both of them, and Annette formed her own band Ideal. They became more popular that Neonbabies, in fact they were one of the most popular bands in the NDW (German New Wave) scene in the early eighties.

They had several hits but I’ve chosen one of their more experimental tracks, a song from their third and final studio album “Bi Nuu” (1982). It seems my choice is a bit too obscure for YouTube, there is no video for this song at the time of writing.


Die letzte Modenschau
Zeigt nur zwei Farben:
Anthrazit und Asphaltgrau
Bist du bereit?
Geschminkt wie Stahl
Schau in den Spiegel
Zum letzten Mal
Im letzten Film
Spielen alle
Ohne Gage
Die gleiche Rolle
Die Nacht wird Tag
Der Tag zur Nacht
Schau mich an
Und dann ins Licht
Die zweite Sonne
Strahlt ohne Schatten
Weißer Leuchtstoff
Fließt in die Stadt
Die zweite Sonne
Glüht durch die Wolken
Von Paris
Bis Leningrad

The last fashion show
Exhibits only two colours:
Anthracite and asphalt gray
Are you ready?
Made-up like steel
Look in the mirror
For the last time
In the last film
Everybody plays
Without a fee
The same role
The night becomes day
The day becomes night
Look at me
And then into the light
The second sun
Shines without shadows
White fluorescent light
Flows into the city
The second sun
Glowing through the clouds
From Paris 
To Leningrad



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