GERMAN POP LYRICS: The 1960s – Part 8

Not everyone was swinging in the sixties. Alexandra sang melancholy songs in her deep rich voice, many of which could have come from an earlier decade. In fact this track is based on “Golden Earrings”, the title song of a movie from 1947 starring Marlene Dietrich. The English original was recorded by artists including Dinah Shore, Peggy Lee, Bing Crosby and Alexandra herself. However I think this German version from 1967 with lyrics by Ernst Bader actually improves the song.

Alexandra’s life seems to have been as sad as her voice and she died in a car crash just two years later.


Zwei Gitarren
Erklingen übers Meer
Die Nacht ist voller Träume
Und mein Herz ist sehnsuchtsschwer
Zwei Gitarren
Erzählen mein Geschick
Die eine singt von Tränen
Und die andre singt von Glück

Du hast mir die Welt genommen
Und ich blieb allein
Du, wann wirst du wiederkommen?
Wann, wann wird das sein?
Zwei Gitarren
Erklingen sehnsuchtsschwer
Die Tränen werden bleiben
Aber du, du kommst nicht mehr

Two guitars
Ring out across the sea
The night is full of dreams
And my heart is heavy with longing
Two guitars
Tell my destiny
One sings of tears
And the other sings of happiness

You took the world away from me
And I was left alone
You, when will you come back?
When, when will it be?
Two guitars
Sound heavy with longing
The tears will remain
But you, you won’t come anymore

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