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NO FUIMOS by LOS SHAKERS September 1, 2016

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Uruguay’s Los Shakers were perhaps the most influential South American rock band of the mid-sixties. I wrote about their impact on Argentina in the first part of my series about rock in that country. They sang mostly in English and this is one of the few songs they recorded in Spanish. It’s as charming a slice of beat pop as you could wish for.

The track “Forgive Me” on their 1965 debut LP has the same music but with unrelated English lyrics.


Yo tomé tu mano y temblé
Yo besé tus labios y lloré
Todo pienso cuando digo 
Que tu y yo (oh oh oh oh)
No fuimos

En tu mano viva yo ayer
En tus labios muertos querer
Y aunque no los tuve nunca
Yo los senti (oh oh oh oh)
No fuimos

I took your hand and trembled
I kissed your lips and cried
Everything I think when I say
That you and I (oh oh oh oh)
We didn't go

I held your living hand yesterday
I long to kiss your dead lips
And although I never had them
I felt them (oh oh oh oh)
We didn't go

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