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By far Jacques Brel’s most famous song is ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ (literally ‘Don’t Leave Me’ but translated as ‘If You Go Away’). The song was inspired by his relationship with Suzanne Gabriello, though ironically it was him who ended their relationship.

Her own songs were mainly comic, and they include this rather wonderful parody. It’s based on ‘Mirza’, a 1965 hit for Nino Ferrer, in which the singer searches for his dog.

Z’avez pas vu Mirza ? (Haven’t you seen Mirza? – the name of his dog – see below)

In Gabriello’s version a yé-yé girl struggles to get to grips with Franz Kafka and finds him a bit more difficult than Asterix.

NB z’ont (instead of ils/elles ont) and z’avez (instead of vous avez) are humorous ways to write down French liaisons e.g. when the normally silent ‘s’ at the end of vous is followed by a vowel, making it turn into a ‘z’ sound.


Z'avez pas lu Kafka ?
Oh la la la la la (x3)

Je m'donne un mal de chien
Mais je n'comprends pas tout
Je m'donne un mal de chien
Je n'en viens pas à bout
A cause des musiciens
Yeah yeah qui jouent près de moi

Je n'peux pas lire ici
Je n'le répéterai pas
Je n'peux pas lire ici
Hmmm, c'est bête ça
Je n'peux pas lire ici
Ça y est et c'est reparti

Hey dis donc Nino, 
tu peux pas jouer moins fort ?
Faut que j'me cultive
Hey dis donc Nino, 
Kafka, c'est pas Astérix !
Moins fort, Nino, 
j'ai les nerfs qui lâchent !

Grâce à ces musiciens
J'entrevois tout à coup
L'univers kafkaïen
Qui rend les hommes fous
L'univers kafkaïen
Oh yeah, moi je l'ai chez moi

C'est bien le dernier mois
Que je passerai là
Je n'veux plus vivre ici
Je ne resterai pas
Car si je reste ici
Oh yeah ça oui je le vois
Car si je reste ici
Je n'me cultiverai pas
Je n'peux pas lire ici
Car c'est très calé Kafka

You haven't read Kafka?
Oh la la la la la (x3)

I'm putting myself through agony
But I don't understand everything
I'm putting myself through agony
I don't get it 
Because of the musicians
Yeah yeah, that are that playing around me

I can't read here
I won't do it again
I can't read here
Hmmm, it's stupid
I can't read here
It's over and it starts again

Hey Nino
Can't you play less loudly?
I must cultivate myself
Hey Nino
Kafka is not Asterix!
Less loudly, Nino
My nerves are going 

Thanks to these musicians
Suddenly I see
The Kafkaesque universe
That makes men mad
The Kafkaesque universe
Oh yeah , I feel at home 

That's OK, the last month
I will go through it
I won't live here anymore
I won't stay
Because if I stay here
Oh yeah, yes I see it
Because if I stay here
I won't cultivate myself
I can't read here
Because Kafka is very clever


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