Spanish Rock in the Seventies Part 8: 1978 – The Year That Prog (& Everything Else) Broke

How better to end this series than with an introduction?

There was a big problem for many bands Progressive Rock bands during the seventies: getting their records released was extremely difficult, and for many groups it proved impossible. Effectively they had to wait until Franco died, which led to Spain becoming a democracy in 1978. Suddenly these bands, several of whom had been going since the start of the decade, could release their music on vinyl with relative ease. The irony was that by this time musical fashion was changing, and Punk and New Wave were already making their presence felt. The floodgates had been opened and record buyers were suddenly spoilt for chance. It was as if all the different genres of the 1970s were breaking at the same time.

This is what happened to Asfalto, previously featured on this blog, and La Romántica Banda Local, both of whose debut LPs appeared in 1978. Apparently the latter frequently shared bills with Punk and New Wave groups (who loved them for their anarchic sense of humour). It didn’t last however, and a few years later La Banda broke up, unable to survive in the new musical climate of the 1980s.
This is the opening song from their 1978 LP. Despite the rather prosaic title it is a fantastically colourful track, which mixes prog and pop.

NB There is also a tiny bit of Italian in the lyrics (in italics).


Un paraguas blanco,
la sombrilla y el champán,
cinco cornamusas
y un lacayo musulmán.
Bongiorno, maese
¡qué lindo gabán!
Corramos, que ya actúa
la romántica banda local.

Un lacayo blanco,
la chistera y el bombín,
cinco carricoches
y un caniche de Pekín.
Bongiorno, maese
¡Hola, primo! Comme vai?
Loco de amores
por la romántica banda local.

A white parasol
Shade and champagne
Five bagpipes
And a Muslim footman
Good day Sir
What a beautiful overcoat!
Let's run, they're already performing
The romantic local band

A white footman
The top hat and the bowler hat
Five covered wagons
And a poodle from Peking
Good day Sir
Hello cousin! How are things going? 
Madly in love
With the romantic local band

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