Spanish Rock in the Seventies Part 6: An MOR Star Goes Prog

Miguel Ríos had a huge hit in 1970 with ‘Himno de la Alegría’ and his ‘Rock and Ríos’ LP from 1982 was one of the biggest Spanish records of all time. However, in between these commercial peaks he had a much less successful prog-rock phase.

‘La Huerta Atómica’ (1976) is a concept album about the human race being wiped out in a nuclear explosion. One man survives in a mysterious bubble that is created at the centre of the blast, but he realises his fate has merely been postponed…

This song was written by Ríos with Mariano Diaz, the keyboard player on the album, formerly of Los Que Vivimos. Other tracks on the album feature the former yé-yé singers Massiel and Jeanette.


No encuentro la explicación 
no sé quién fue, ni quién pulsó 
el botón atómico. 
No sé quién os mató. 

Y siento no estar ahí, 
ser uno más sin porvenir, 
sin tener que presenciar 
la espantosa realidad. 

A raíz de la explosión 
todo cambió y comprendí 
que la burbuja antirreacción 
tan sólo aplazará mi fin. 

Testigo accidental 
me convertiré en la postal 
del desastre universal. 
Qué caótico final. 

Y la vida bajo la cúpula 
se hace irreal. 
Entre transparencias de almendros. 
Polvo de cristal. 

I can't find the explanation
I don't know who it was, or who pressed
The atomic button.
I don't know who killed you.

And I feel sorry that I wasn't there,
To be one more without a future,
Without having to witness
The frightening reality

As a result of the explosion
Everything changed and I realized
That the counter reaction bubble
Would only postpone my fate

Accidental witness
I will become the postcard
Of universal disaster
Such a chaotic end

And life under the dome
Becomes unreal.
Between transparent almond trees
Broken glass.

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