Spanish Rock in the Seventies Part 5: Flamenco Pop

The previous entry in this series looked at the more serious side of flamenco rock. However there was also a more chart friendly flamenco pop movement at the same time, which often featured gypsy singers giving it loads over rhumba rhythms. Acts previously featured on this blog include Manzanita, Los Chungitos and Los Chichos. Morena y Clara got their first break singing backing vocals for the latter.

This was their big hit and it made the Spanish top ten in 1974. They are often compared to Las Grecas, a similar sisterly duo, but I think they actually outdo their rivals on this cut. In 1976 they entered the selection contest to represent Spain at Eurovision, but they weren’t chosen. After this indignity they faded from view.

This track features on the compilation ‘Acid Rumba: Spanish Gypsy Grooves 1969-1976’. However, I actually first heard it on an eccentric podcast about Spanish music by Simon Maxwell-Stewart. Anyone who compares Morena & Clara to both Abba and Amon Düül II has to be worth listening to…


Quiero que te olvides del pasado 
y vivamos el presente
No quiero que menciones 
a ninguno de tu gente.
Acuérdate amor mío cuando eras chiquitito,
Yo te cogía la mano y te decía ven conmigo.
No, no, no, no, no llores más,
No, no, no, no, porque te quiero.
No, no, no, no, que un torbellino de pasión 
Se abre en el cielo.
Bésame en los labios como tú sabes hacerlo,
Ama dulcemente y acaríciame mi pelo,
Yo te prometo darte la felicidad completa,
Y a través de mi muerte 
Escribiré tu nombre en letras,
Y te diré... 


I want you to forget about the past
And we will live in the present
I don't want you to mention it 
To any of your crowd
Remember, my love, when you were little
I took you by the hand and said 'come with me'
No, no, no, no, don't cry anymore
No, no, no, no, because I love you
No, no, no, no, a whirlwind of passion 
Has opened up the sky

Kiss me on the lips the way that you know how
Love me sweetly and stroke my hair
I promise to give you complete happiness
And until I die
I will write you name in letters
And I will tell you...



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