Spanish Rock in the Seventies Part 2: Rock Family Trees

I don’t know if a Spanish version of ‘Rock Family Trees’ exists, but if there does this will be an interesting page. Nuevos Horizontes have featured previously on this blog, with their great single ‘El Afinador De Cítaras’ from 1969 (written by Vainica Doble). However, by the early seventies the hits had dried up and their female vocalist left the group. Carrying on as ‘The Spanish Mamas & Papas’ was no longer an option…

Meanwhile the promising quartet Solera, who we have seen previously with ‘Linda Prima’, released their debut album in 1973. However the group then split up when both Rodrigo García and José Guzman moved on to form Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzmán. Usually known as CRAG, this ‘supergroup’ enjoyed success with the single ‘Señora Azul’ (another track you can find on Spanish Pop Lyrics). But what about the talented brothers José and Manuel Martín who had been left behind?

In 1974 Nuevos Horizontes and the the Martín brothers joined forces to record ‘Telaraña’ (‘Spider’s Web’). The two halves worked well together and although the album wasn’t a hit it is now considered a classic of Spanish rock. Like CRAG and Solera they combined strong songs with adventurous arrangement. ‘Se Me Escapó Una Ilusion’ is a rich ballad, epic enough to have been included on at least one prog rock compilation.


Ya amanece otra vez,
Parece que ella hace un rato anochecer,
El alba me sorprendió,
Su rayos hilo de cera me incendió,
Un pensamiento de ayer,
La imagen que no olvidé
De la araña que su enredo me tejió 
Unos sinsabores y el recuerdo de un antiguo amor.

Se me escapó una ilusión,
Que brilla fuerte en mi mente como un sol,
Se me escapó una ilusión,
Y nos quedamos sin noche y sin amor
Hiciste tu libertad, 
Tu pudiste (?) aceptar,
Pues, vencido ante el destino
Liberé las mil cadenas que
Oprimían tus viajeros pies.

Se me escapó una ilusión,
Pues, puedo aún recobrar la para mí,
Se me escapó una ilusión,
Quizás tú quieras guardarla para ti,
Yo te prometo luchar con armas que me darás
Con tus besos, con tu vida y con tu amor
Y viviremos hasta siempre o hasta sabe en Dios.

Now that it is dawn again,
It seems like she went dark just a while ago,
The dawn surprised me,
Its rays, threads of wax, set me alight
A thought of yesterday,
The image I haven't forgotten
Of the spider that wove a tangled web around me
Of troubles and the memory of an old love.

The dream slipped away from me
That shone so strongly in my mind like a sun,
The dream slipped away from me
And we are left without night and without love
You took your freedom, 
You could accept,
Well, defeated by fate
I released the thousand chains that
Were oppressing your travelling feet. 

The dream slipped away from me
Well, I can still recover it for myself
The dream slipped away from me
Perhaps you want to keep it for yourself,
I promise to fight with weapons that you'll give me
With your kisses, your life and your love
And we will live forever, or until God knows when.


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