Here is another song from ‘Rose Kennedy’ (2001), the debut album by the French singer-songwriter Benjamin Biolay. In the middle of the track there is a sample of Marilyn Monroe singing ‘River Of No Return’.

Biolay has actually recorded a version in English (see below), translated by Keren Ann, which appears on his Remix EP (2002). However, it sounds a bit awkward next to the soaring French original.


A mesure que le temps passe
Je mesure le temps qui passe
Et tandis que l'eau s'étend
Jusqu'à l'autre bout de l'étang

Je regarde l'aube claire
S'allonger sur les conifères
A l'aulne, à l'orée du jour
Le soleil sera de retour

En dépit des années noires
Des années folles, des heures de gloire
A la lisière du torrent
J'irai m'asseoir sur un banc

On ira faire un tour de barque
On ira déjeuner au parc
On s'embrassera dans le cou
Il y aura tout autour de nous...


Les cerfs-volants qui planent
Quelques amants qui flânent
Un petit vent, les parasols
Plantés dans le sol, il y a longtemps.

As time goes by
I feel the time going by
And meanwhile the vast water
To the other side of the pond

I watch the bright dawn
Stretched out under the conifers
At the alder (tree), at the dawn of the day
The sun will return

Despite the dark years,
The crazy years, the hours of glory,
At the edge of the river
I will sit on a bench

We will have a boat trip
We will have lunch in the park
We will kiss each other on the neck
All around us there will be...


Kites soaring
Some lovers strolling
A light breeze, parasols
Planted in the ground, a long time ago.

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