Juliette Gréco is one of the key singers of French chanson. She was the muse to many in the bohemian scene which emerged after the war. She also championed new songwriters including Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens.
Gréco recorded this haunting song in 1953. It is a poem by François Mauriac set to music by Luc Poret.


Aux jours où la chaleur arrêtait toute vie
Quand le soleil, sur les labours exténués
Pressait contre son coeur le vignoble muet
A l’heure où des faucheurs l’armée anéantie
Écrasait l’herbe sous des corps crucifiés

Seul debout, en ces jours de feu et de poussière
En face du sommeil, accablé de la terre
Assourdi par le cri des cigales sans nombre

Je cherchais votre coeur
Comme je cherchais l’ombre

On days when the heat has stopped all life
When the sun, exhausted from her labours
Pressed the silent vineyard against her heart
At the time when the reapers annihilated army
Crushed the grass beneath the crucified body

Standing alone, in those days of fire and dust
Opposite sleep, weighed down by the earth
Deafened by the cries of countless cicadas

I searched for your heart 
As I searched for the shade

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