In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 14

Finally it is time to end this much interrupted series about Mexico. It you want to see all the entries click on the tab ‘History of Rock in Mexico’.
Yes, I know this isn’t a rock song, but I can’t resist finishing with another Mariachi track. Written by Lorenzo Barcelata, this is one of the most famous songs to come out of Mexico. Another version was included on the discs sent out into space aboard the Voyager spacecraft.
A cascabel is a kind of little bell, a bit like a jingle bell, but this doesn’t seem to be a Christmas song. It is also a species of rattlesnake, so maybe you can imitate the sound of a rattlesnake with the bell. There is also another interpretation of what this song means, but I’ll leave that to your imagination…


Yo tenía mi cascabel 
con una cinta morada
Y como era de oropel
se lo di a mi prenda amada
Pa' que jugara con él 
allá por la madrugada

Anoche por la ventana 
platicando con Leonor
Me pidió que le cantara
el cascabel por menor
y que no me dilatara 
me lo pedia de favor
Ay, como rezumba y suena
rezumba y va rezumbando
mi cascabel en la arena

I had my little bell 
with a purple ribbon
And since it glittered
I gave it to my beloved darling
So she should could play with it
some time in the early morning

Last night by the window 
talking to Eleanor 
She asked me to sing to her
the little bell in a minor key
and that I did not delay
she asked me as a favour
Oh, how it buzzes and rings
It rings and resonates
My little bell in the sand

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