That Serge Gainsbourg really was a very naughty boy…
Dominique Walter is the son of Michèle Arnaud, who appeared in the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. Some suspected nepotism when Walter was chosen to represent France a decade later. Moreover, his performance was a flop, and he received just one point, by far the worst French result ever at that point.

How to save his career? Bringing in songwriter Gainsbourg must have seemed like a smart move. However, as usual, Serge fancied a bit of fun at work, and decided to use Walter as a mouthpiece for some of his more misogynistic views.
‘Les Petits Boudins’ is a single from 1967. A boudin is literally a black pudding, but here it is slang for an unattractive girl. The English equivalent I’ve come up with is dumpy – comparing her to a dumpling rather than a sausage! There’s some more slang in the lyrics, and I got some help from the discussion here:
Walter’s switch from clean cut Eurovision entry to bad boy was far too much for the general public and his recording career was quickly over.


Dans mon agenda
Quand j'en pique un
Un petit boudin
Je l'met sous mon bras
Jusqu'au matin
Ce petit boudin

C'est bon pour c'que j'ai
Ça me fait du bien
Les petits boudins
C'est facile et ça
N'engage à rien
Les petits boudins

Au départ c'est rien
Qu'une petite gourde
Un petit boudin
Il suffit d'un rien
Et ça devient
Un petit boudin

Ça n'sait pas dire non
C'est ça qu'j'aime bien
Chez les p'tits boudins
Ça n'pose pas d'questions
Ça n'mange pas d'pain
Les petits boudins

Mais il n'y a pas dans mon calepin
Que des p'tits boudins
Il y a surtout toi, toi qui n'as rien
D'un petit boudin
T'as rien de commun
Avec les petits boudins

In my diary
When I pick        
A dumpy little girl  
I take her in my arms
Until the morning
This dumpy little girl

It's good for what I have
It makes me feel good
The dumpy little girls
It's easy and 
There's no commitment
The dumpy little girls

At first she's nothing
But an awkward little girl
A dumpy little girl
Just a touch
And she becomes
A dumpy little girl

She doesn't say no
That's what I really like
About the dumpy little girls
She doesn't ask questions
It's cheap and easy      
The dumpy little girls

But they're not in my diary
Those dumpy little girls
There's only you, you who are nothing
Like a dumpy little girl
You've got nothing in common
With the dumpy little girls

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