In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 13

Remember ¡Chicas!, the compilation of Spanish female singers which included the wonderful Los Que Vivimos? Volume two has recently been released, expanding the brief to include singers from outside Spain, and this is one of the highlights. Released in 1973, it combines a funky groove with striking anti-censorship lyrics.
Sola was a Mexican singer who released the “Un Muñeco de Madera” LP, but sadly there isn’t much information about her on the internet. However, this track was written by the Spaniard Manuel Alejandro, a songwriter who has worked with many artists, including Raphael and Jeanette, enjoying his biggest success with ballads.


Tabú, tabú, tabú, tabú... 
Si quieres una vida larga, 
una vida larga, una vida larga... 
Si quieres una vida larga 
aunque sea falsa, aunque sea fea. 

No hables de las cosas 
que pasan en la tierra 
y olvida que hay miserias. 
No tires de la manta, 
no hagas problemas 
y agacha la cabeza... 


Olvídate del sexo 
y piensa que los niños 
los traen las cigüeñas. 
No hables del gobierno 
y piensa que esos hombres 
son ángeles de fresa...


No odies de la biblia 
no arañes las estrellas 
no mudes de la iglesia. 
Olvídate de Mao, 
olvídate de Castro 
y leéte la prensa...

Tabú, tabú, tabú, tabú...

Taboo, taboo, taboo, taboo...
If you want a long life
A long life, a long life
If you want a long life
Even if it's false, even if it's ugly
Don’t talk about things 
that happen on earth,
forget that there is misery 
Don't let the cat out of the bag, 
don't make trouble 
and keep your head down


Forget about sex 
and believe that children 
are brought by the storks, 
Don’t talk about the government 
and believe that those guys 
are strawberry angels…


Don't hate the bible
Don't reach for the stars
Don’t move away from the Church
Forget about Mao 
Forget about Castro 
and read the press…

Taboo, taboo, taboo, taboo...

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