“Musique de Film Imaginé” is an album released this year by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. It is a mainly instrumental album, rather different from the guitar led rock they are best known for. This track features guest vocals by Soko, who is French but usually sings in English.
“Philadelphie Story” is a faithful cover of a song from “Les Esclaves” (1969), the only album by Popera Cosmic. The album features songs by Guy Skornik, arrangements by William Sheller and vocals by François Wertheimer. It is a frankly bizarre period-piece, a kind of rock opera about the gods returning to Earth. Having said that, the original version of this track (listen below) is fantastic.


Une orchidée or comme espoir
Un camélia noir pour trésor
Il flotte un parfum d'encensoir
Dans ce tombeau sensuel qui s'endort
Je suis mort, je suis mort, je suis mort
Alléluia, chantez ma résurrection

Alors j'ai goûté l'atmosphère
De peuple terre en peuple fer
J'ai marché des limbes aux enfers
Alleluia, chantez ma résurrection

J'ai marché nu sur les épines
J'ai dormi saoul dans la vermine
Pleurez ma chanson
Alléluia, chantez ma résurrection

Les murs murmurent doucement
Je ferai un lit de ce lierre
Vous suivrez mon enterrement
Pour une autre larme et votre prière
Alléluia, chantez ma résurrection

Vêtu de nacre bleu et d'or
Dernière demeure, premier amour
Mon dernier soir, mon premier jour
Alléluia, chantez ma résurrection

Chantez ma résurrection

A golden orchid like hope
A black camellia for treasure
A perfume of incense floats in the air
In this sensual tomb he falls asleep
I am dead, I am dead, I am dead
Hallelujah , sing my resurrection

So I have tasted the atmosphere
People of the Earth, iron people
I have walked from limbo into hell
Hallelujah , sing my resurrection

I have walked naked on thorns
I have slept drunk with the vermin
Weep my song
Hallelujah , sing my resurrection

The walls whisper softly
I'll make a bed from this ivy
You will attend my funeral
For another tear and your prayer
Hallelujah , sing my resurrection

Dressed in blue and golden pearl
Final resting place, first love
My last night, my first day
Hallelujah , sing my resurrection

Sing my resurrection
NB These chords are in the same key (A minor) as the original version.
The version with Soko is transposed to F minor.
Am - Em - F - Esus - E (repeat)
Am - Ab (key change=>)
Gm - Dm - Eb - Dsus - D (repeat)
Gm - D - Dm - C - Cm
Gm - A(b9) - A - Dsus - D
Gm - Dm - Eb - Dsus - D
Gm - Abm(b5) (back to original key=>)
Am - Em - F - Esus - E
F - Dm - Am - D - A


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