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PUIS-JE ? by KEVIN AYERS September 6, 2015

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“May I?” originally appeared on the album “Shooting at the Moon” (1970). Ayers was fluent in French and he recorded this translated version for a single that was released in France. The lyrics are fairly close to the English original, but with a few interesting differences, notably his sore bum!

Ayers died in 2013. My Spanish version of “Singing a Song in the Morning” has featured previously on this blog.



J'etais perdu dans la rue
fatigue et mal au cul
J'ai vu un petit cafe
avec une fille dedans
et je lui disais...

"Puis-je m'asseoir aupres de toi
pour te regarder ?"
"J'aimerais (bien) la compagnie 
de ton soleil"

Je ne veux pas plus que ca
Non, ca n'est pas une grande histoire
Encore un beau sourire
et apres ca je peux partir


I was lost in the street
Tired and with a sore bum
I saw a small café
With a girl inside
And I told her...

"May I sit with you
to look at you?"
"I'd (really) like the company 
of your sunshine"

I don't want any more than that
No, it's not a great story
Another beautiful smile
And then I can go

NB I think these are the correct chords (I worked them out myself).
The chords I've seen on other sites are almost completely wrong.

C - Fmaj7 - C - Fmaj7
C - Eb - G - D+
Chorus / Refrain:
G - F - C - G - D+ (x2)
Gm - C7 - Fmaj7 - Bbmaj7
Ebmaj7 - Abmaj7 - Dbmaj7 - Cmaj7


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