HOW TO BE A YÉ-YÉ GIRL: #2 – Be a Teenager

‘Ma jeunesse fout l’camp’ (‘My youth is slipping away’) sang Françoise Hardy in 1967 (age 23). She was already feeling ancient by yé-yé standards. Compare her to Stella who was only 12 when she released her first EP, and who then retired from yé-yé at the end of 1967 at the ripe old age of 16.

Stella was a kind of anti-yé-yé girl, a teen taking the piss out of her peers, in particular the hugely popular Sheila. This amazing track (from the 1967 EP ‘Tout Va Bien’) comes complete with a memorable gimmick: the chorus is a blast of silence.

As Stella Vander she later returned to music, becoming a member of the prog-rock band Magma.


Écoutez bien, vous avez de la chance 
Je vous offre dix secondes de silence 

À notre époque de vacarme et de bruit 
Le meilleur cadeau c'est ce qui suit 

Entre une chanson et un communiqué 
Je suis sûre que ça va vous reposer 

Maintenant écoutez avec attention 
C'est ce que je préfère dans ma chanson 

Quand je chante, je sais que pour vous c'est la fête 
C'est bon mais c'est meilleur quand ça s'arrête 

Inutile de tourner le bouton 
Car le silence est dans la chanson

Listen well, you're in luck
I offer you ten seconds of silence

In our time of racket and noise
The best gift is the following

Between a song and a statement
I am sure it will rest

Now listen carefully
That's what I like with my song

When I sing, I know that for you it's a party
It's good but it's better when it stops

It's useless turning the knob
Because the silence is in the song


2 thoughts on “LE SILENCE by STELLA

  1. I jut discovered your site. It looks wonderful! I became a fan of ’60s ye-ye music about four years ago, and the lack of credible English translations (for non-French speakers such as myself) has been frustrating. Sometimes I run the lyrics through Google Translate, but the results are often awkward and even nonsensical. I look forward to exploring more of your site.

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