Following on from the previous post, here is my singable English version of Le Fossoyeur by Georges Brassens. Of course I have taken some liberties with the lyrics, but I think the spirit of the song is still there. However, my French is still pretty low level so I might be wrong! Translation copyright M. Sullivan, 2015.



God knows I’m a nice guy

I would never hurt a fly

And I’d never ever wish a person dead

but if people never died

Then I just couldn’t survive

I’m a humble gravedigger


People say I’m funny

peculiar making money

from the dead I eat my packed lunch on the grave

But my job it isn’t easy

and Some days I feel quite queasy

I’m a humble gravedigger


Well I shouldn’t tell you this

But my friends they take the piss

When we’re talking after work back down the pub,

they say: ‘Cheer up, sometimes we wonder

If you’re the one six foot under’

I’m a humble gravedigger


Well, you dont have to be clever

To know nothing lasts forever

And I think about these things here while I dig

Try to take death as it comes

It’s easier said than done

I’m a humble gravedigger


As for The forgotten dead

Are they sleeping like in bed?

At the bottom of the earth do you find God?

If so tell him about the trouble

I’ve been having with this shovel

I’m a humble gravedigger


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