An extraordinary songwriter, Georges Brassens remains less well known than Jacques Brel and Serge Gainsbourg outside France. ‘La Fossoyeur’ is typical of his output in the way it combines a catchy upbeat melody with dark irreverent lyrics. It comes from ‘La Mauvaise Réputation’, his first album released in 1952. After struggling for years to break into the cabaret circuit, his career finally took off at this point.

More info (in English): http://www.rfimusic.com/artist/chanson/georges-brassens/biography


Dieu sait que je n'ai pas le fond méchant
Je ne souhaite jamais la mort des gens
Mais si l'on ne mourait plus
Je crèverais de faim sur mon talus
Je suis un pauvre fossoyeur

Les vivants croient que je n'ai pas de remords
A gagner mon pain sur le dos des morts
Mais ça me tracasse et d'ailleurs
Je les enterre à contrecoeur
Je suis un pauvre fossoyeur

Et plus je lâchera bride à mon émoi
Et plus les copains s'amusent de moi
Y me disent: "Mon vieux par moments
T'as une figure d'enterrement"
Je suis un pauvre fossoyeur

J'ai beau me dire que rien n'est éternel
Je peux pas trouver ça tout naturel
Et jamais je ne parviens
A prendre la mort comme elle vient
Je suis un pauvre fossoyeur

Ni vu ni connu, brave morte adieu
Si du fond de la terre on voit le Bon Dieu
Dis-lui le mal que m'a coûté
La dernière pelletée
Je suis un pauvre fossoyeur

God knows I don't have a bad background
I've never wished people dead
But if people never died
I would die of hunger on my mound
I am a poor gravedigger

The living believe that I have no remorse
Earning my bread on the backs of the dead
But it bothers me and besides
I bury them reluctantly
I am a poor gravedigger

What's more I let go of my emotions
And my friends make fun of me
And they tell me: "Old man, at moments
You have a funeral expression on your face"
I am a poor gravedigger

I tell myself that nothing is eternal,
I can't find it completely natural
And I never succeed
In taking death as she comes
I am a poor gravedigger

Neither seen nor known, brave dead farewell
If at the bottom of the earth you see the good Lord
Tell him how much trouble it cost me
The last shovelful
I am a poor gravedigger

Guitar Chords:

A – C#m – A – D / E7

A – F#m – B7 – E7

A – A7 – D – C#7

F#m / C#m – D / E7 – A


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