In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 8

By the start of the seventies it had became cool for Mexican rock bands to sing in English, which has made it more difficult for me to find bands from that era to feature in this series. Los Dug Dug’s were partly responsible for this trend, being one of the first Mexican groups to sing in English. However, for their second album ‘Smog’ (1972) they flew in the face of fashion and reverted to Spanish lyrics. By this point the band were playing hard rock with some progressive elements, including some great flute on this track.

The Guardian’s Readers Recommend series recently included a selection of songs from Mexico and Central America:



Preguntan que de malo que hay
Y quiero yo, saber
¿Lo que hacemos está mal?
¿Puedo preguntar?

¿Tan malo es?
No, no puede ser
¿Tan malo es?
No somos malos
No puede ser

La gente dice que muy mal 
la juventud está
Acoso ellos un error
No más cometerán

Tan buenos son
No, no puede ser
Tan buenos son
Nadie es perfecto
No puede ser
Un, dos, tres, cuatro...

They ask about the bad things around
And I want to understand
Is what we do bad?
Can I ask?

How bad is it?
No, it can't be
How bad is it?
We're not bad
It can't be

People say how bad
Young people are
Maybe they have made a mistake
They won't make it again

They're so good
No, it can't be
They're so good
Nobody is perfect
It can't be

One, two, three, four...

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