‘Song Reader’ is a set of 20 songs published by Beck in sheet music form in 2012. In 2014 an album of versions was released by various artists, including this one by Juanes, a solo artist from Colombia who has won several Latin Grammy Awards.
He sings his version of ‘Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard’ in Spanish. It’s not a literal line for line translation, and you can compare it with the original English lyrics above (in the video) or below.
Beck himself has featured previously on this blog with his song ‘Qué Onda Güero’.

Song Reader was performed (almost) in full in Bristol, England at The Attic Bar, Stokes Croft on April 16th, 2015.



Don't act like your heart isn't hard
And that the joker isn't your card
Changing your tune as you put up your guard
And go whistling past a graveyard

You can change your mind 
Like you're changing your clothes
Though you dress in rags 
And you turn up your nose
When it makes no sense, 
I will act like it does
And come to your defense 
Though I have no weapons

So don't act like your heart isn't hard
And that the truth in your head isn't dark
You can't turn Tin Pan Alley into a boulevard
And go whistling past a graveyard

Don't want the pretense of what love shouldn't be
It will bore you to death before setting you free
To be just as good or bad as you are
In the eye of a storm, we will both be sorry

You could hide your tears behind the facade
Of a thousand jokes you thought I forgot
And then blame me for no longer laughing

Everyone's cruel at times
When you're not at your best
And you're crossing the line
I'll look past your mistakes if you look past mine
And go stumbling past a gold mine

No finjas que tu corazón
Es difícil no finjas que no
Con tu carta de fiel, comodín por ahí
Va silbando en los cementerios

Cambias de opinión 
Con tal facilidad
Y te sientes mucho
Mas que los demás
Sin embargo yo
Aunque lo entienda o no
A tu defensa voy 
Y armas nunca tengo

No finjas que tu corazón
No es oscuro como un callejón
Con la mente nublada y sin ver la verdad
Va silbando en los cementerios

El amor no es, lo que debe de ser
No pretendas que te aburre creer
Que del bien y el mal, te vas a liberar
En la tempestad nos lamentaremos

Puedes esconder tu tristeza detrás
De las bromas que yo pretendo olvidar
Y culparme por, nunca reírme.

Somos crueles sin necesidad
Y cruzamos la línea
Cuando estamos mal
Se que puedo dejar tus errores pasar
Si tu dejas pasar los míos

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