Sparks are an eccentric rock duo best known for their 1974 hit single ‘This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us’. This song, a possibly untrue story about the singer Madonna, originally appeared (in English) on their 1988 album ‘Interior Design’. The group also recorded versions in Spanish, French and German. Here you can compare the Spanish and English lyrics.

NB I found the Spanish lyrics on I have corrected a lot of mistakes, but there are probably still a few that I have missed.


Muestras la sinfonía toca 
me comienzo a dormir
Y me despierto al ruido de timbales
Miro a mi derecha
Y no estas, no importa
Esta situación es a base de poder 

Camino en las calles
Los buses de la ciudad
Intentando de vender
Un modo de vivir mas rápido

Un coche mas largo
Que el puente Golden Gate
Se arrimo al lado mio
Todas las ventanas eran escuradas
Yo se que escondían 
alguien importante

Se abre la puerta,
Y la rubia en la sombra me dice: 
"Entra en mi coche"
Naturalmente, entre

Madonna, puedes ser tu
Madonna, que vas a hacer
Sentimientos, solos tu y yo
Nunca, en tus fotos
Sentimientos, solos tu y yo

Me invitó a su casa,
Me enseñó todos sus discos de oro 
y eran muchos
Nos sentamos en su sillón
A escuchar música clásica
Pero la recepción no era suficiente

Hablamos ahí sentados 
y hablamos un poco más
Después ahí nos encontramos
Como siempre pasa en estos casos

Todas las estrellas brillan para mi
Todos las estrellas brillan para ti


En la mañana me preparó
Un desayuno continental
Me dijo: "bueno, adiós"
Yo le pregunté si la volviera a ver
Y me dijo que no
Y yo le dije, "bueno, adiós"
Nunca le conté a nadie
Lo que pase entre nosotros
Porque aquí no son negocios de nadie
Lo que pase entre nosotros


While the symphony played
I was starting to fade
'Til I woke with a cymbal crash
I turned to my right
You were gone, that's all right
These Platonic things are a burn

I walked out on the street
While the big city lights
Tried to sell me on a way of life
That I was already living

Well, a limousine longer than
The Golden Gate Bridge
Pulled up alongside me at the curb
All the glass was blacked out
So I knew there was somebody
Very important in there

Then the door opened up
And a blonde in the shadows said,
"Get inside."
And of course, I got inside

Madonna, is that really you
Madonna, whatcha gonna do
Feelings only you can have
Never in the photograph
Feelings only you can have

Well, she took me back to her penthouse
And showed me all of her platinum records
And of course there were a lot
Then we sat on the sofa
And she turned on a classical station
But the reception was poor

And we sat there and talked
And talked a little more
And one thing led to another
As they often do in these situations

All the stars are shining tonight for me
All the stars are shining tonight glory be


In the morning she fixed me 
a continental breakfast
And then she said, "Well, good-bye."
And I said, "Can I see you again?"
And she said, "No."
And I said, "Well, goodbye."
And I never told anyone about this
'Cause after all
It's none of their business 
what she or I did.


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