In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 7

In the previous post Los Ovnis gave their album the misleading title of ‘Hippies’. Here we have the real thing, the rare sound of hippies singing in Spanish.

La Comuna were part of the counterculture movement known as ‘La Onda’ (the wave). Their rather intellectual lineup included Alberto Blanco, who went on to become one of Mexico’s most acclaimed poets.
Despite being together for the entire first half of the seventies the group only recorded one four track EP. ‘No Hay Mañana’ from 1971 is the only song in Spanish, the other three songs being sung in English.
Due to their radical views La Comuna repeatedly refused to appear on the popular TV show ‘Siempre es Domingo’. Their record company was unimpressed by this and dropped them before they could record a whole album.

NB If someone is able to transcribe the spoken word section I will add it to the lyrics below.


No hay, no hay mañana (x3)

Hoy algo busco
Hoy algo sigo
Hoy es distinto
Pues estoy contigo

No hay, no hay mañana (x3)

Hoy que te tengo
Ya no te espero
Porque al hacerlo
Sé que te pierdo

No hay, no hay mañana (x3)

(Sección de palabra hablada)

There is no tomorrow (x3)

Today I'm searching for something
Today I'm following something
Today is different
As I am with you

There is no tomorrow (x3)

Today, now that I have you
I won't wait for you
Because when I do it
I know that I am losing you 

There is no tomorrow (x3)

(Spoken word section)

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