In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 6

Los Ovnis (The UFOs) are a Mexican rock band. They were prolific during the 1960s, releasing 6 albums between 1965 and 1968.
They concentrated on covers of songs by groups like The Beatles, The Stones and The Doors, which they translated into Spanish. They were hardly the only group doing this, but their versions put most of their rivals to shame. That said, it is their final LP, on which they wrote their own songs, which is the essential one. I’m not sure why they called it ‘Hippies’, because the tracks are basically garage rock, and it’s arguably the most filthy and authentic sounding garage rock ever sung in Spanish. This is one of the highlights.

Thanks to Armando Vazquez, who wrote the song, for supplying me with the Spanish lyrics. He is still the lead singer of Los Ovnis, who continue to play live.


Cuando era niño, me decian 
que no pensara yo jamas que 
en este mundo, existia la maldad...

Y Ahora veo, hipócritas, 
Sí ahora veo hipócritas... 


Oh sí, uuhh, no sé, 
fui muy feliz en mi infancia, 
no, no puedo más, 
yo decir, lo que pensé...

Cuando creciera yo, sí, 
Cuando creciera yo, 
iba a ser muy feliz, 
hep hep muy feliz...

No, no, nada es verdad, no, no, no, no...

When I was a boy, they told me
That I should never think that
There is evil in this world

And now I see hypocrites
Yes, now I see hypocrites


Oh yes, ooh, I don't know
I had a happy childhood
No, I can't take any more
I tell you, what I thought was...

When I grew up, yes
When I grew up
I was going to be very happy
Hep, hep, very happy...

No, no, none of it is true, no, no, no, no...

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