In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 4

We’re heading back to Mexico to start the new year, resuming the series that was interrupted by Christmas.
The splendidly named Los Hooligans were pioneers of rock in Mexico in the early sixties. This 1963 single is an original song with Buddy Hollyish vocals and humourous lyrics.
This priceless clip, where the group demonstrate some jaw dropping dance moves, is from the film “La Edad de la Violencia”.

NB Despeinada is a great word that is rather difficult to translate into English. In this context it means uncombed or windswept, but it implies scruffy or bedraggled.


Despeinada, aha, aha, aha 

Tu tienes una carita deliciosa 
y tienes una figura celestial 
tu tienes una sonrisa contagiosa 
pero tu pelo es un desastre universal 

Se para de puntas como un puerco espín 
parece la estatua de San Peluquin 
y tres peluqueros te alcanzan a ti 
con peines de acero y cierra sin fin. 

Tu tienes unos ojitos soñadores 
pero tu pelo ay que cosa tan fatal 

Despeinada, aha, aha, aha

Bedraggled, aha, aha, aha

You have a delicious face
And you have a celestial figure
You have a contagious smile
But your hair is a complete disaster 

Your hair sticking up like a porcupine
You look like the statue of Saint Toupee
And three hairdressers circle you
With steel scissors but never finish

You have a dreamy pair of little eyes
But your hair is such an awful thing

Bedraggled, aha, aha, aha

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