Navidad Nuestra: Part 5

Los Reyes Magos literally translates as ‘The Magic Kings’ but in England we usually call them ‘The Three Wise Men’. In the Spanish tradition it’s them (rather than Santa) who bring kids presents, and they deliver them on the 6th of January, almost two weeks after Christmas day.
NB This song is subtitled takirari. The takirari (or taquirari) is a dance form from Bolivia.


Llegaron ya, los reyes y eran tres
Melchor, Gaspar y el negro Baltasar  
Arrope y miel le llevarán  
Y un poncho blanco de alpaca real.

Changos y chinitas duérmanse 
Que ya Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar
Todos los regalos dejarán
Para jugar mañana al despertar.  

El Niño Dios muy bien lo agradeció
Comió la miel y el poncho lo abrigó  
Y fue después que los miró
Y a medianoche el sol relumbró. 

They had arrived, the kings, and there were three:
Melchior, Caspar and the black Balthasar.
Syrup and honey they will bring him
And a white poncho of royal alpaca.

Fall asleep little boys and girls
So that Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar
Can leave out all the gifts
For you to play with when you wake up

The God Child was really pleased.
He ate the honey and wrapped himself in the poncho.
And afterwards he saw them
And the sun shone at midnight.

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