Navidad Nuestra: Part 4

Lots of places are mentioned in the fourth song, but most of them are in La Rioja in northwestern Argentina, where this version of the Nativity seems to be set. The piece is subtitled ‘Chaya Riojana’ which refers to a festival that takes place in this region. I guess the English equivalent of the refrain is ‘Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme’.
The complete Navidad Nuestra was performed by The Fantasy Orchestra at the Trinity Centre in Bristol on December 21st.


Vengan pastores del campo
que el rey de los reyes ha nacido ya.
Vengan antes que amanezca
que ya apunta el día y la noche se va.

Albahaca y cedrón
tomillo y laurel,
que el niño se duerme
al amanecer.

Lleguen de Pinchas y Chuquis,
de Aminga y San Pedro, de Arauco y Pomán,
antes que nadie le adore 
Quesillos y flores le vam' a llevar.


Pídanle a Julio Romero
caballos de paso y su mula de andar
Con cajas y con guitarras
iremos cantando por el olivar.


Ay navidad de Aimogasta.
Aloja y añapa no habrá de faltar
mientras la luna riojana
se muere de ganas de participar.


Come shepherds of the fields
Because the king of kings has been born
Come before the dawn
It's already light and the night will soon be fading

Basil and lemon verbena
Thyme and laurel
The child sleeps
At daybreak

Come from Pinchas and Chuquis,
From Aminga, San Pedro, Arauco and Pomán
Before anyone else they will pay tribute
Bringing quesillos (puddings) and flowers


Ask Julio Romero 
For Peruvian horses and pack mules
With cajas (hand drums) and guitars
We'll sing through the olive groves


Oh, Christmas in Aimogasta (NW Argentinia)
We have plenty of aloja (liquour) and añapa (dessert)
While the La Rioja moon
Is just dying to join in


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