Navidad Nuestra: Part 3

The third song of the suite is the one that most sounds like a traditional Christmas carol, with a hint of ‘Silent Night’ in the melody.
Los Fronterizos are an Argentinian folk quartet, four men who all sing, usually accompanying themselves with acoustic guitars and bombo legüero (a hand held bass drum). Below is a clip of them in action in this formation.
The group formed in 1953 and broke up in 1977, though apparently they still get together sometimes for reunion concerts. Their collaborations with Ariel Ramírez on Navidad Nuestra and Misa Criolla gave them their biggest international success.
NB This song is subtitled vidala catamarqueña. The vidala is a poetic song form. Catamarca is a province in NW Argentina.


Noche anunciada, noche de amor,
Dios ha nacido, pétalo y flor,
todo es silencio y serenidad,
paz a los hombres, es Navidad.

En el pesebre mi redentor
es mensajero de paz y amor,
cuando sonríe se hace la luz
y en sus bracitos crece una cruz.

Angeles cantan sobre el portal
Dios ha nacido, es navidad

Esta es la noche, que prometió
Dios a los hombres y ya llegó,
es Noche Buena, no hay que dormir
Dios ha nacido, Dios está aquí.

Night foretold, night of love
God is born, petal and flower
All is silence and serenity
Peace to all men, it's Christmas

In the manger my redeemer 
He is the messenger of peace and love 
When he smiles there is light
And his little arms form a cross

Angels sing over the entrance
God is born, it's Christmas

This is the night that was promised 
By God to mankind, and now it has arrived 
It's Christmas Eve, you don't need to sleep 
God is born, God is here.

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