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LA PLAGA By LOS TEEN TOPS October 15, 2014

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In Search of Rock and Roll Thrills in Mexico: Part 2

Los Teen Tops, who formed in the late 1950s in Mexico, were one of the first groups to sing rock and roll in Spanish. Their debut LP, released in 1960, contains versions of songs originally by the likes of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, all sung in their own language.
However, the most interesting track is the single ‘La Plaga’. The music is clearly taken from Little Richard’s ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’, but rather than translating the lyrics the group came up with new Spanish words unrelated to the original. The title (which I’ve translated as ‘The Pest’) is the nickname given to the girl in the song.



Ahí viene la plaga
Le gusta bailar 
Ahí viene la plaga
Le gusta bailar 
Y cuando está rock & roleando
Es la reina del lugar 

Mis jefes me dijeron 
ya no bailes rock & roll 
Si te vemos con la plaga 
tu domingo se acabo 


Vamos con el cura
pues ya me quiero casar 
No es que seas muy bonita
pero sabes bailar 


Here comes the pest
She sure likes to dance
Here comes the pest
She sure likes to dance
And when she's rock and rolling 
She's the queen of the place 

My bosses they told me
Stop dancing rock & roll 
If we see you with the pest 
Your Sunday is over 


Let's go and see a priest
I want to get married now
It's not that you're so pretty 
But you sure know how to dance 


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