AGUA DE BEBER By TOM JOBIM (Sung in English)

Portuguese Pop Lyrics!

We take a bit of a detour this week – into Portuguese! The Brazilian Tom Jobim was probably the greatest writer of the Bossa Nova. This song has music by Jobim and lyrics by Vinicius de Moraes.
Jobim was something of a reluctant vocalist, but he did sing his own excellent version on his mid-sixties album ‘The Wonderful World Of’.
The original is in Portuguese, and I’ve translated it into Spanish – a version for singing rather than a literal translation. However, the languages are fairly close – you can see below how similar the written Spanish and Portuguese words look. However, the pronunciation differences between the two languages are much greater than this suggests. I’ve tried to maintain the sound as well as the meaning of the lyrics.
I’ve also done a singable English version. It doesn’t follow the original quite so closely, but I do think it’s much more faithful than the official English version (by Norman Gimbel).


Eu quis amar mais tive medo 
E quis salvar meu coração 
Mas o amor sabe um segredo 
O medo pode matar 
o seu coração 

Água de beber 
Água de beber camará 
Água de beber 
Água de beber camará 

Eu nunca fiz coisa tão certa 
Entrei pra escola do perdão 
A minha casa vive aberta 
Abri todas as portas 
do coração 

Eu sempre tive uma certeza 
Que só me deu desilusão 
É que o amor é uma tristeza 
Muita mágoa demais 
para um coração

Quise amar mas tuve miedo
Quise salvar mi corazón
Mas el amor sabe un secreto
El miedo puede matar 
a tu corazón

Agua de beber 
Agua de beber camarada
Agua de beber 
Agua de beber camarada

Yo nunca ví cosa tan cierta
Entré la escuela del perdón
Aquí la casa vive abierta
Abrí todas las puertas 
del corazón

Yo siempre tuve la certeza
Que me dio desilusión
El amor es una tristeza
Mucha pena de más 
para un corazón

I wanted love but I was nervous
wanted to hide away my heart
but if you hide away on purpose
that kind of fear it can kill
the love in your heart.

Agua de beber
Water to drink up, my friend.
Agua de beber
Water to drink up, my friend.

I never felt a change so certain
I started learning to forgive
And then I opened every curtain
and let the sun come on in
I’m ready to live

You know I always felt so certain
The well of love would leave me dry
And so this sadness is my burden
It's just too much for one heart
to carry inside



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