Part 16: The Story of Miguel Abuelo and Nothing

Miguel Abuelo (born Miguel Angel Peralta) was one of the most eccentric and charismatic characters in Argentinian rock. Originally he was the singer with Los Abuelos de la Nada, who released the great pychedelic single ‘Diana Divaga’ (previously featured on this blog) in 1968. Abuelo left the group when their new guitarist Pappo started to take them into a more blues based direction.

By the early seventies the singer had moved to France where he formed a new group called Hijos de Nada, including guitarist Daniel Sbarra. A French producer gave them studio time and they recorded an LP of dramatic progressive rock in 1974. It was eventually released a few years later (in France only) credited to Miguel Abuelo & Nada. The French demand for prog-rock sung in Spanish must have been limited, and it made minimal impact. ‘El Muelle’ is an atmospheric track, which creates the atmosphere of the mysterious dock in an almost cinematic way.

By the early eighties Abuelo and Sbarra were both back in Argentina. Sbarra became guitarist with the new wave band Virus. Abuelo also embraced new wave, reviving the name Los Abuelos de la Nada with new musicians. They included Andrés Calamaro, who was almost young enough to be his son. With this group Miguel Abuelo at last achieved commercial success, but he died of AIDS in 1987 aged 42. He is the subject of the documentary “Buen Día, Día” (see below), which does a good job of capturing some of his spirit.

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El muelle esta desierto 
Y los marineros
Se fueron a descansar.

El mar donó los espejos
Y una mujer 
Se mira los pies.

Un viejo barco se aleja
Para no volver
El viejo barco parece
Barco de papel

Yo me he quedado aquí solo
Mirándome ser.
Yo me he quedado aquí solo
Mirándome ser.

El muelle esta desierto
y un hombre viene.
Se acerca a mi.
"Toda lo que hay en mi mano
Pero no mires 
mi forma externa".

The dock is deserted
and the sailors
have gone away to rest

The sea offered its mirrors
and a woman
looks at her feet

An old ship departs
never to return
The old ship looks like
a paper ship

I have remained here alone
Looking into myself
I have remained here alone
Looking into myself

The dock is deserted
and a man comes
He approaches me
"Everything is in my hands
but do not look at
my external form"


2 thoughts on “EL MUELLE by MIGUEL ABUELO & NADA

  1. Don’t you think it could be El mar donó los espejos? Hard to make it out with the echo. That way you could have the sea providing the mirror in which the woman sees here feet reflected. It does seem to me that when he first pronounces the word dono the stress is on the last syllable (despite it’s not being written that way anywhere I’ve managed to find the lyrics.

    Great site, by the way.

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