Part 14: A Great Female Singer Looks Back

Fabiana Cantilo first emerged as one of the singers on the first album by Los Twist in the early eighties, but she soon left to start a successful solo career. She is now considered one of the great female rock singers in Argentina. Her albums ‘Inconsciente Colectivo’ (2005) and ‘En la Vereda del Sol’ (2009) are both collections of covers of some of the best Argentine rock songs from the 1960s up to the present day.

Here is her version of ‘Inconsciente Colectivo’ (confusingly enough included on ‘En la Vereda del Sol’). It was originally released on Charly García’s first proper solo LP ‘Yendo de la Cama al Living’ (1982). The song started to receive more attention when it was covered by the iconic singer Mercedes Sosa (hear her live version below).


Nace una flor, 
todos los días sale el sol, 
de vez en cuando escuchas aquella voz 
Cómo de pan, gustosa de cantar, 
En los aleros de mi mente 
con las chicharras. 

Pero a la vez existe un transformador 
Que te consume lo mejor que tenés 
Te tira atrás, te pide más y más 
Y llega un punto 
en que no querés. 

Mamá la libertad, siempre la llevarás 
Dentro del corazón 
Te pueden corromper, te puedes olvidar 
Pero ella siempre está 

Ayer soñé con los hambrientos, 
Los locos, los que se fueron, 
Los que están en prisión 
Hoy desperté cantando esta canción 
Que ya fue escrita hace tiempo atrás. 
Es necesario cantar de nuevo, 
Una vez más.

A flower is born
The sun comes out every day
Sometimes you hear that voice
Like bread that smells so fresh (?)
On the eaves of my mind 
With the cicadas 

But at the same time there exists a transformer
Which consumes the best part of you
It holds you back, it asks for more and more
And you arrive at a point 
Where you can't stand it any more

Mother, you always carry freedom
Inside your heart
They can corrupt you, you can forget her
But she is always there

Yesterday I dreamed about the starving
The insane,  those who have left
Those who are in prison
Today I woke up singing this song
Which was already written long ago
We have to sing it again
One more time.

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