Part 8: New Wave music in Argentina in the early eighties.

As in Spain, New Wave music had much more influence than Punk in Argentina. It started to make an impact in the early 80s with groups like Virus, Los Twist and a new version of Los Abuelos de la Nada (featuring a young Andrés Calamaro) enjoying success.
This track appeared on Virus’ debut LP in 1981. Their sarcastic lyrics are a stark contrast to the mix of romanticism and social comment that typified the songs of the previous generation. As far as I know the Wadu Wadu doesn’t actually exist!


Me estás pasando.. 
horrible depresión
estás muy tensa.. 
perdiste la razón
Los días pasan.. 
y seguís siempre igual
voy a sacarte.. 
del nivel en que estás.

Este sábado a la noche 
te paso a buscar
a bailar el Wadu-Wadu 
que te va a gustar
te prometo invitarte 
muchas veces más
todo el tiempo Wadu-Wadu 
para re-relajar.

Wadu-Wadu Wadu-Wadu Wadu-Wadu Wa

You are making me go through  
A Horrible depression
You are really tense
And you've lost all sense of reason
The days go by
And you carry on the same
I'm going to take you out of
The level that you're at

This Saturday night
I'll pick you up
To dance the Wadu-Wadu
You're going to like it
I promise I'll invite you 
Lots more times
Dancing the Wadu-Wadu all the time
To re-relax

Wadu-Wadu Wadu-Wadu Wadu-Wadu Wa


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