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Part 7: Exodus – Argentinians in Spain

After the military coup in 1976 there was an exodus of musicians from Argentina, and many of then went to start a new life in Spain.
One of them was Maria Teresa Campilongo, who had already sung in her homeland as a member of her husband’s group Los Tíos Queridos.
After arriving in Spain she discovered the exciting Movida scene in Madrid, and was inspired to reinvent herself as Rubi. With an image partly inspired by Blondie, she became a one hit wonder in 1981 with this witty new wave novelty.
Los Casinos included Ciro Fogliatta, another expat (formerly with Los Gatos).

Sadly Rubi parted ways with the Los Casinos immediately after the single, and she never enjoyed much success in her subsequent solo career. Nacho Cano of Mecano wrote ‘Me he enamorado de un fan’ for her debut LP. Though it flopped it became a hit a few years later for the Mexican pop group Flans.

Many of the Argentine musicans in Spain struggled, but Moris enjoyed success with ‘Fiebre de Vivir’ (1978). On that album he was backed by the half Spanish / half Argentinian group Tequilla, who soon became famous in their own right. Ultimately, the majority of these musicians returned to their homeland when they felt the political situation had improved sufficiently.
Here is an excellent interview (in Spanish) with ‘Rubi’ about her farewell concert in 2010:
Her hit is available on the compilation ‘Spanish New Wave Volume 6’:


Yo le acompañaba en aquellos días,
le quería comprar una batería.
Él era mi novio y yo le quería,
y también quería a su batería.
Y le acompañaba, a ir a ensayar.
Como me gustaba, oírle tocar tan bien.

Yo tenía un novio que tocaba en un conjunto beat.
Le llevaba las baquetas en un bolso gris. Si, si, si.
Sus amigos me querían y mi novio me quería,
le ayudaba a cargar en el furgón la batería.

Yo puse mis pelas para sus caprichos,
era el primer día que iban a actuar.
Y cuando grabaron aquel primer disco,
todo era alegría, iban a triunfar.
Y desde ese día, me fuiste olvidando,
no vengas decías, tu imagen me hace mal.

Yo tenía un novio que tocaba en conjunto beat.
Ahora tiene un regio coche y casa con jardín.
Y una chica guapa y rica, rubia de peluquería.
Se olvidó de todo el cariño que yo le tenía.

I hung around with him those days
I wanted to buy him a drum kit
He was my boyfriend and I loved him
And I loved his drum kit too
And I went with him to rehearsals
I used to love listening to him play so well

I had a boyfriend who played in a beat group
He carried his drum sticks in a grey bag. Yes, yes, yes
His friends loved me, and my boyfriend loved me
I helped them load his drum kit into the van

I put all my pennies towards supporting his dreams
It was the first day they were going to perform
And when they recorded that first album
Everything was great, they were going to make it
And from that day, you were forgetting me
'Don't come' you said, 'seeing you makes me sick'

I had a boyfriend who played in a beat group
Now he has a posh car and a house with a garden
And a rich, pretty girlfriend with dyed blonde hair
He forget about all the love that I had for him

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