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PART 6: Progressive Rock and Luis Alberto Spinetta

By the mid-seventies Progressive Rock was at its peak in Argentinia, and the country produced a vibrant scene that often outshines the equivalent in Spain.

Perhaps the key figure was Luis Alberto Spinetta, nicknamed ‘El Flaco’ (the skinny one). He started out in the classic psych band Almendra. When they split he formed the much heavier power trio Pescado Rabioso (Rabid Fish). After a trio of albums under that name he formed a new group, Invisible.

‘El Jardín de Los Presentes’ (1976) was Invisible’s third and final LP. It’s a mellow song based effort, jazzy with subtle touches of tango. It’s perhaps the finest prog album sung in Spanish that I’ve encountered so far. This is the opening track, a beautiful song about the loneliness of an astronaut. An Argentinian ‘Space Oddity’?

After this Spinetta formed another group Spinetta Jade, before concentrating on a successful solo career. He died in 2012. He and Charly García are generally considered the two great songwriters of Argentinian rock.


Ahí va el Capitán Beto por el espacio, 
con su nave de fibra hecha en Haedo. 
Ayer colectivero, 
hoy amo entre los amos del aire. 

Ya lleva quince años en su periplo; 
su equipo es tan precario 
como su destino. 
Sin embargo un anillo extraño
ahuyenta sus peligros en el cosmos. 

Ahí va el Capitán Beto por el espacio, 
la foto de Carlitos sobre el comando
y un banderín de River Plate
y la triste estampita de un santo. 

¿Dónde está el lugar 
al que todos llaman cielo? 
Si nadie viene hasta aquí
a cebarme unos amargos 
como en mi viejo umbral
¿Por qué habré venido hasta aquí, 
si no puedo más de soledad? 
Ya no puedo más de soledad. 

Su anillo lo inmuniza contra el peligro, 
pero no lo proteje de la tristeza. 
Surcando la galaxia del Hombre, 
ahí va el Capitán Beto, el errante. 

¿Dónde habrá una ciudad 
en la que alguien silbe un tango? 
¿Dónde están, dónde están
los camiones de basura, 
mi vieja y el café? 
Si esto sigue así como así, 
ni una triste sombra quedará, 
ni una triste sombra quedará. 

Ahí va el Capitán Beto por el espacio, 
regando los malvones de su cabina. 
Sín brújula y sin radio, 
jamás podrá volver a la Tierra. 

Tardaron muchos años hasta encontrarlo. 
El anillo de beto llevaba inscripto 
un signo del alma.

There goes Captain Beto through space,
With his fibre ship made in Haedo (city)
Yesterday he was a bus driver,
Today he is one of the masters of the air.

He's been on his voyage for fifteen years;
His equipment as unpredictable 
As his destination is uncertain.
However, a strange ring
Drives away the dangers of the cosmos.

There goes Captain Beto through space,
The photo of Carlitos on the control unit
With a pennant of River Plate (football club)
And a sad little image of a saint.

Where is the place 
everyone calls heaven?
If nobody comes up here 
To make me a cup of maté (bitter drink)
Like back at my old place
Why did I come here, 
If I can't take any more loneliness?
Now I can't take any more loneliness.

His ring immunises him against danger,
But it doesn't protect him from sadness .
Coursing through the galaxy of man,
There goes Captain Beto, the wanderer .

Where is the city 
Where someone is whistling a tango ?
Where are they, where are they
The garbage trucks , 
My old lady and my coffee?
If things keep going like this
Not a single sad shadow will remain,
Not a single sad shadow will remain

There goes Captain Beto through space,
Watering the geraniums in his cabin.
Without a compass, without a radio,
He can never return to Earth .

It took them many years to find it.
Beto's ring was inscribed with 
The mark of his soul.
CHORDS / ACORDES (This song has a really beautiful chord sequence)


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