Part 4: Blues Rock and Pappo

Blues rock was (and remains) hugely popular in Argentina. Deeply embedded in the family tree of Argentinian rock is the guitar hero Pappo (real name Norberto Napolitano). He started out as guitarist with the short lived psych band Los Abuelos De La Nada in the late 1960s. Then he toured with Manal (as a keyboard player!), who were the first important blues rock band to sing in Spanish. At the turn of the decade he played guitar with Los Gatos on their last two albums, leading them into a heavier direction.

When that group broke up he started his own band, Pappo’s Blues, and they released a series of successful albums during the seventies. This beer drinking anthem comes from Volúmen 4 (1973).

At the start of the eighties Pappo realised that tastes were changing, and he formed a new band Riff, pioneers of Heavy Metal in Argentina. However, by the nineties there was a blues rock revival in the country, and it was natural for him to return to the blues. He died in 2005.

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Quiero tomar un trago de cerveza fresca,
para mi sed, hace calor en esta fiesta.

Quiero tomar un trago de licor muy fino,
con mis amigos, hace calor, y no he bebido.

I want to have a gulp of cold beer
For my thirst, it's hot in this party

I want to have a gulp of really fine liquor
With my friends, it's hot and I haven't had a drink

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