Part 3: Psychedelia in the late 60s and early 70s

After the breakthrough of Los Gatos, many Argentinian bands started to experiment with psychedelia. Arguably these groups were more interesting and forward looking than their equivalents in Spain. Acts in this scene included Almendra and Los Abuelos de la Nada, both of whom have already been featured in this blog. Another important group was La Cofriada de la Flor Solar (The Brotherhood of the Solar Flower). Though they were active in the late sixties, their only album wasn’t released until 1971. This is the sparkling (and rather catchy) opening track. The brief lyrics are:

Quiero ser una luciérnaga, con luz propia

Which translates as:

I want to be a firefly, with my own light

Towards the end they repeat:

Tuca, tuca, tucapán

The tucapán is a kind of extremely large firefly found in the Entre Ríos region.


If you want to know more about La Cofriada then check out ‘The Magic Land’, a guide in English to bands from Argentina and Uruguay.

The original book is now hard to find, but here is a PDF: magicland

Here is an article about the book which appeared in Mojo magazine in February 1999.


La Cofradia also feature in episode three of the documentary (below) which mirrors my blog entries in this series.


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