The UK is full of Spanish people at the moment, most of whom have left Spain because of the dire lack of job opportunities there at the moment.

The situation has inspired this song by Javier Moreno, the title track of his 2013 album. Appropriately enough it has been used in the excellent promo clip for ‘Spaniards in London’ (see below). This is a new online soap in Spanish and English (with subtitles in both languages) that takes a humourous look at what has been happening.

Thanks to Javier himself for checking my translation.

His website is here:



Le dije a mi padre, me voy para el extranjero

a buscarme la vida a ganar un dinero

porque aquí trabajo no encuentro

por eso creo que ha llegado el momento

no te preocupes que vuelvo, mamá


Con tristeza en los ojos llegó la despedida

en una mano la maleta,

en la otra el billete de ida

en la escalera mecánica del aeropuerto

muerto de miedo por dentro

pero seguro de mi decision



La rumba del Emigrante,

cuando no encuentras salida

cuando hay que tirar pa’lante (*)

con lo que se tiene

y buscarse la vida


A la fria Inglaterra llegué sólo y perdido

suerte que me acogió la amiga de un amigo

yo sin un plan ni una ‘papa’ de inglés

tirandillo dos meses después

me ganaba el pan y el abrigo


Así poco a poco fue pasando el tiempo

yo cada vez más feliz me iba sintiendo

cuando tu eres el dueño de tu destino

a tu manera haciendo el camino

aprendiendo de los ‘mistakes’




Y de verdad prometo volver algún día

a la tierra que me vio crecer,

al sol, a la siesta al mediodia

pero como allí la cosa está tan mala

con esa crisis que nunca se acaba

ese día tendrá que esperar





I told my father, I’m going abroad

To make a living, to earn money

Because here I can’t find work

So I think the moment has come

Don’t worry mum, I’ll come back


We made our farewells with sadness in our eyes

A suitcase in one hand,

my one way ticket in the other

On the escalator in the airport

Feeling scared to death

But sure of my decision



The Emigration Rumba

When you can’t find a way out

When you have to to battle through

With what you’ve got

And make a living


I arrived in the cold of England, lost and alone

Luckily a friend of a friend took me in

I had no plan, and my English was hopeless

Two months later I was fighting my way through

Earning my bread and the roof over my head


So gradually as time went by

I was feeling happier and happier

When you are the master of your own destiny

Choosing your own path

Learning from your mistakes




I truly promise to return someday

To the land where I grew up

The sun, the midday nap

But since things are so bad over there

With that crisis that never ends

That day will have to wait





‘Tirar pa’lante’ is an abbreviation of ‘Tirar para adelante’.

This is an expression which means to move forward despite adversity, to not give up, which I’ve translated here as ‘Battle through’.


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