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THE FISH IN THE RIVER / LOS PECES EN EL RÍO (Sung In English) December 26, 2013

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This is my English adaptation of ‘Los Peces en el Río’, the song featured in the previous post. See that post for a more literal translation.


Mary is sitting there combing
The tangles out of her hair
The sound of the river flowing
Makes her turn her head and stare

She says, look down in the river
The way that the fish swim
Look down in the river
They swim closer to him
They swim and they swim
And they swim from out at sea
Swimming just to be
Closer to the new baby

Mary she washes the nappies
And she hangs them out to dry
It's hard work but she feels happy
The birds are singing in the sky


Mary washes in the river
Skin on her hands red and raw
Water so cold makes her shiver
The same loving hands as before


Copyright for this version reserved – Marcos Sullivan (2013).


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