Los Chichos were a group of Spanish gypsies who specialised in rhumba pop. They are often compared to Los Chunguitos. This is one of their earliest singles, from 1974, complete with an infuriatingly catchy ‘na na na’ chorus.

NB Some of the gypsy slang in this song has defeated me (especially the third verse), so let me know if you have any better ideas.



Era una noche de pena y de llanto

Puesto que todo condujo al fracaso

Iban dos primos y dos hermanos

Iban a chorar

y los delataron


Esta es la historia de Juan Castillo

Con el chivato que fue a pucabar

De un bochorno le quitaron la vida

Y así los cuatro pudieron najar


Pero a uno de ellos le chitaron basti

Me han hostilao ? vosotros najar ya

Pero con lagrimas en los ojos

Solo me veo

y sin caridad


Tu fuiste el que lo mataste

Si, y ya no puedo negarme

Lo maté en aquel momento

Al no poder controlarme


Ahora me encuentro

metido entre rejas

Y con mis niños

solos en la calle

Virgen bendita de la macarena

Apiádate de ellos

que no son culpables


En un momento de locura

Perdí la noción del tiempo

Madrecita de mi vida

Yo con 30 años encima

Aquí quedara mi cuerpo



It was a night of grief and mourning

Everything led to the disaster

Two cousins and two brothers

They were going to burgle

and they reported them to the police


This is the story of Juan Castillo

With the grass who went to ?

They shamefully took his life

And this way all four could leave


But one of them threw them around ??

They had already beaten me up ??

But with tears in his eyes

I only think of myself

and without charity


You were the one that killed him

Yes, and now you can’t deny it

I killed him at that moment

Because I couldn’t control myself


I now I find myself

behind bars

And with my children

alone in the street

Blessed Virgin Mary

Take pity on those

who are not guilty


In a moment of madness

I lost track of time

My darling mother

I am over 30 years old

My body will remain here


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