The Abasto was the central wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 1893 until 1984. Then it was closed down and left abandoned, making it a rather bleak setting for this song (released in 1987). Over a decade later the site was redeveloped and now it has become a shopping mall.

Sumo were an Argentinan post-punk band. You can find out more about them and their singer Luca Prodan in the rather good  ‘Behind The Music’ documentary below. I think this is one of only a handful in the series to be made in Spanish.





Mañana de sol,

bajo por el ascensor,
calle con árboles,

chica pasa con temor.

No tengas miedo, no,

me pelé por mi trabajo,
las lentes son para el sol

y para la gente que me da asco.

No vayas a la escuela

por que San Martín te espera,
estás todo el día sola

y mirás a mi campera.
Tomates podridos

por las calles del Abasto,
podridos por el sol

que quiebra las calles del Abasto.

Hombre sentado ahí,

con su botella de Resero,
los bares tristes y vacíos ya,

por la clausura del Abasto.
José Luis y su novia

se besan ahí por el Abasto,
yo paso y me saludan

bajo la sombra del Abasto.


Parada Carlos Gardel,

es la estación del Abasto,
Sergio trabaja en el bar

en la estación del Abasto,

Piensa siempre más y más,

será por el aburrimiento.
Subte Línea B

y yo me alejo más del suelo,

y yo me alejo más del cielo también

Ahí escucho el tren,

ahí escucho el tren,
estoy en el subsuelo,

estoy en el subsuelo.






Sunny morning,

I go down in the elevator,
A tree-lined street girl,

A nervous girl walks by

Don’t be afraid

I fought for my work
The dark glasses are for the sun

and for people who disgust me

Don’t go to school

because San Martin awaits you,
you are alone all day

and you stare at my jacket.
Rotten tomatoes

on the streets of the Abasto
Rotting in the sun

that cracks the streets of the Abasto.

A man sitting there

with his bottle of Resero (wine)
The bars are sad and empty now,

Since they closed down the Abasto

Jose Luis and his girlfriend

kiss there in the Abasto
I pass by and they say hi

under the shadow of the Abasto.


Carlos Gardel stop,

is the station for the Abasto
Sergio works in the bar

at the station of the Abasto

Always think more and more,

It will be out of boredom.
Jump on subway Line B

and I move further under the ground

and I move further from heaven too

There I listen to the train

There I listen to the train
I’m underground

I’m in the subsoil





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