Margaret Thatcher died a couple of days ago. Not everyone loved her!

Charly García is Argentinian, and he first found success in the group Sui Generis (who were the topic of a previous post). By 1982 he had gone solo, and this is his reaction to the Falklands war. It appears on his LP ‘Yendo de la Cama al Living’. He’s scared but that doesn’t prevent some tongue in cheek sexual tension between Charly and Maggie. 




No bombardeen Buenos Aires

no nos podemos defender

los pibes de mi barrio

se escondieron en los caños

espían al cielo,

usan cascos, curten mambos

escuchando a Clash – Sandinista!


Estoy temiendo a un rubio ahora

no sé a quién temeré después

terror y desconfianza por los juegos

por las transas, por las canas,

por las panzas, por las ansias,

por las rancias cunas de poder,

cunas de poder, Margarita.


Si querés escucharé a la BBC

aunque quieras que

lo hagamos de noche

y si quieres

darme un beso alguna vez

es posible que me suba a tu coche

pero no bombardeen Buenos Aires.


No quiero el mundo de Cinzano

no tengo que perder la fe

quiero treparte

pero no pasa nada

ni siquiera puedo comerme un bife

y sentirme bien

tengo hambre, tengo miedo.


Los ghurkas siguen avanzando

los viejos siguen en TV

los jefes de los chicos

toman whisky con los ricos

mientras los obreros

hacen masa en la plaza

como aquella vez.


Si querés escucharé a la BBC…



Don’t bomb Buenos Aires

We can’t defend ourselves

The kids in my neighbourhood

Hid themselves underground

They were watching the sky

They wear helmets, (take drugs?)

Listening to the Clash – Sandinista!


Now I’m living in fear of a blonde

I don’t know who I will fear after her

Terror and mistrust of the games

of compromise, of grey haired men

of pot bellied men, of anxiety

of the ancient cradles of power

Cradles of power – Margaret


If you want I will listen to the BBC

Even though you want us

to do it at night

If you want

you can kiss me some time

I just might get in your car

But don’t bomb Buenos Aires


I don’t want the world of cocktails

I don’t have to lose my faith

I want to shag you

but it doesn’t matter

I can’t even eat a steak

and feel good

I’m hungry, I’m scared


The Ghurkas keep advancing

The old men are still on TV

The commanders of the troops

They drink whisky with the rich

While the workers

congregate in the town square

like way back when


If you want I will listen to the BBC…




bombardear – to bomb, to bombard

The imperative third person plural requires the present subjunctive – bombardeen



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