Romero was a Venezuelan arranger and composer, and this is the opening track from his 1971 album “El Fabuloso Aldemaro y su Onda Nueva”.

This is a traditional Venezuelan folk song, but Romero’s arrangement is a wild mix of harpsichord and exotic vocal harmonies. The lyrics start after just over a minute of shoe-be-doing. He also recorded an alternate version entitled ‘Little Love Bird’ with some of the lyrics in English.




Pajarillo, pajarillo,

que vuelas por mi ribera

¿Por qué no vuelas ahora

que llegó la primavera?

Me dijiste que era firme,

como la palma en el llano

si la palma fuera firme,

no la picara el gusano

no la tremoleara el viento,

ni la secara el verano.

A mi me pueden llamar,

trueno, relámpago y rayo

si me pega buena brisa,

vuelo más que un papagayo

Yo soy el que anda de noche,

siempre por el vecindario

Y sé donde ladra el perro

y sé donde canta el gallo

Y sé cuando están dormidas

las muchachas de mi barrio.



Little bird, little bird

Come back to the river bank

Why don’t you come back now

that spring has arrived?

You told me that you would hold firm

like the palm tree on the plain

If the palm tree had held firm

The worm wouldn’t nibble at it

It wouldn’t wave in the wind

It summer wouldn’t make it dry

They can call me

thunder and lightning

If I catch the right breeze

I will fly more than a parrot

I’m the one who walks at night

always in my neighborhood

And I know where the dog barks

and know where the cock crows

And I know when they are asleep

the girls in my neighborhood.


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