The first song on this blog (three years ago!) was ‘Mejor’ by Los Brincos, released in 1966.

A year later the group Force West (from Bristol in the west of England) released this note for note copy in the UK, though it wasn’t a hit. As you can see Los Brincos are not credited on the label! The only names given are presumably the writers of the English lyrics, which bear no relation to the Spanish original.
Force West later released a mildly psychedelic single under the ludicrous monicker The Oscar Bicycle. Their final incarnation rocked a little harder under the name Shakane.
This song is available on the compilation ‘Rockin’ with the Pirates’, so presumably it got some play on pirate radio at the time.


Force West eran un grupo de Bristol, una ciudad del suroeste de Inglaterra. ‘All The Children Sleep’ (todos los niños duermen) salió en 1967, mas que un año despues de ‘Mejor’ de los Brincos. La musica es una copia de ‘Mejor’, pero la letra inglesa es completamente diferente del original. El sencillo no fue un éxito.


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