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1977 By ANITA TIJOUX December 14, 2012

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Anita Tijoux is a rap musician from a French and Chilean background. She used to be a member of the group Makiza and she has also collaborated with Julieta Venegas.

This is the title track of her 2009 solo album. The song is featured in Series 4, Episode 5 of the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ (the scene with Jesse being driven through the desert).

I got the basic translation from here:, but I have made many corrections and improvements, though there are still a couple of lines I’m not sure of.


Anita Tijoux es una rapera chileana. 1977 apareció en la serie ‘Breaking Bad’.


Mil novecientos setenta
Nací un día de junio
Del año setenta y siete
Planeta mercurio
Y el año de la serpiente
sin o patente
Tatuado y en mi frente
Que en el vientre de mi madre
marcaba el paso siguiente

Me hace llorar
sin anestesia en la camilla
Mi padre solo dijo ‘Es Ana Maria’
Si sería el primer llanto
Que me probaría
Quemando las heridas
Y dandome la bateria

Solía ser entonces como un libro abierto
Pero leí la letra pequeña del texto
Como un arquitecto
Construyendo cada efecto
Correcto, incorrecto, sé aprender 
todo al respecto

Saber que algunas personas
Quieren el daño
subir peldaño
Toma tiempo, toma año
Con mi peluche 
mirando lo cotidiano
Dibujos transformaban
y el invierno en gran verano

papa me regalo bajo mi insistenso (?)
Juego, trataba de culparte y recibencia (?)
Pero en el cartu hicieron la competencia
Y fue cuando senti 
mi primera impotencia

1970: Shhh…

1977: No me digan no
Que uno lo presciente
Todo lo que cambia 
lo hará diferente
En el año que nació la serpiente

Mi adolescencia
fue una etapa bizarra
El cuerpo es bateria
y la cabeza guitarra
La orquesta narrando
nada quebrada para la mirada
De una niña que solo talla espadas

Hormona disparada
Sobre poblada sin formas
en que cambian temporadas
Caminas encrucijadas
Cada cual es su morada
Preparaba la carnada
La sagrada diablada (?)
De mirada encabronada

Mi fila la verdad
Nunca busco su silla
Mi busqueda fue mero
Proceso de pura pila
Pupila de poeta
Que marco nuestra saliva
En la cordillera 
que miraba la salida

La parada militar de paso monotono
Colores policromolos
Uniformes de poco tono
Detono mi cuestionamiento
La voz si sono no
Mi primera rima que sono
y me enrollo

Mi busqueda no fue 
para mi cosa de escenario
Fue algo necesario
Que marcaba ya mi fallo
Asi que todas
mas de lo necesario
Fue cuando entendí
Que todos quieren ser corsario.

1970: Shhh…


Nineteen seventy
I was born one day in June
in the year seventy-seven
Planet Mercury
and the year of the snake
without a barcode
tattooed on my forehead
In my mum’s belly
I was marking the next step

It makes me cry
without anesthesia in my cot
My dad just said ‘It's Ana Maria’
They would have been the first tears
that I tried to cry
My wounds burning
Surrendering myself to the rhythm

I used to be like an open book
but I read the small print perfectly
Like an architect
constructing each effect
Right, wrong, I know how to learn 
everything in that respect

Know that some people
want to be hurt
Step on up
Take your time, take a year
with my cuddly toy 
looking at day to day things
drawings that were transforming
and winter at the height of summer

Daddy gave me, against my will (?)
a game, I tried to blame you, receiving (?)
But I was in competition with the cartel
and it was when I felt 
impotent for the first time

1970: Shhh…

1977: Don't tell me no
That one who can see the future
Everything that changes
I will do differently
In the year in which the snake was born 

My adolescence
was a strange stage
My body is a drum kit
and my head, a guitar
The orchestra narrating
Nothing can break the stare
of a girl who only wields swords

Hormones shot
about the rebellion without direction
in which the seasons change
You are at the crossroads
Each way leads to its own destination
She prepared the bait
The sacred curse (?)
looking pissed off

My line was the truth
I never tried to take her seat
My search was a mere
process of pure energy
The pupil of the poet
I mark in our saliva
In the mountain range 
I was looking for a way out

The monotonous march of the milatary parade
polychromatic colours
Dull uniforms
Detonate my questioning
The voice, if it rings out no
My first rhyme that rang out
and wrapped itself around me

My search wasn’t for
my place on the stage 
It was something necessary
That already marked my failure
So everything
that was unnecessary
That was when I understood
that everyone wants to be a pirate

1970: Shhh…


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