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A hugely commercial pop song mocking consumerism. How very eighties! This single appeared on Mecano’s 1984 album ‘Ya Viene El Sol’.

Una canción de pop muy comercial que burlase del consumismo. Eran los ochenta!
Este single de Mecano apareció en 1984, y también en el disco “Ya Viene El Sol”.


Los almacenes de la calle 20 
son el museo de toda  la gente 
cosas baratas que despiertan la atención

Entre los trapos y los camisones 
la gente busca nuevas sensaciones 
comprar barato 
da una extraña excitación

Busco, busco, busco entre los trapos 
busco, busco, busco algo barato 
busco,  busco, busco unos zapatos 
busco, busco, busco algo barato 
busca, busca, busca algo barato 
busca, busca, busca algo barato

Hay algo extraño 
en todo este ambiente
cosas usadas con olor a gente 
la calle 20 da una extraña vibración 

Entre los muebles 
y los dependientes 
he visto un cuadro, 
he visto unos pendientes 
un cementerio de cosas de gran valor


The department stores in 20th street 
are everybody’s museum
cheap things that grab your attention

Between the clothes and the nightdresses
people look for new sensations 
buying something cheap 
can be strangely exciting

I’m browsing through the clothes 
I’m looking for something cheap 
I’m looking for some shoes
I’m looking for something cheap
Look for something cheap
Look for something cheap 

There’s something strange 
about this atmosphere
Second hand items that smell of people
20th street has a strange vibe

Between the furniture 
and the shop assistants
I’ve seen a picture, 
I’ve seen some earrings
A graveyard for expensive things


Verse / Estrofa
A – F#m – A/E – Dm 
A – F#m – C#m – C

Chorus / Estribillo
G – D – C 
G – D – C
G – C – D 
G – C – D

Bridge / Puente

With Spanish verbs there can be some ambiguity with the third form.
The third person form (he/she/it), 
the formal second person form (Usted) 
and the the informal imperative form are all usually the same. 
However, context usually makes it clear which is meant.

e.g. Buscar – To look or search for something
The third form is Busca, which could be translated as:
He/She/It looks for
or You look for (formal)
However, in context it makes more sense as an informal imperative: 
Look for! (You)

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