Caterina Valente was born in Paris to an Italian family. A true polyglot, she has sung in ‘about 12’ different languages, and apparently she was especially popular in Germany. Here she performs with her brother Silvio Francesco, singing a song by the Cuban musician Ñico Saquito.

In the 1950s few people could afford a holiday abroad, and a cheap alternative was to buy an LP of exotic foreign music. ‘Olé Caterina’ was Valente’s second LP, released in 1957, and it offered the listener a package holiday to Latin America. It’s just her and Silvio singing with two acoustic guitars, and the duo perform with the kind of effortless charm that doesn’t seem to exist in music these days. It’s a lost gem that deserves to be rediscovered.

Here is a blog that features a lot of her old vinyl LPs:


María Cristina me quiere gobernar 
Yo le sigo, le sigo la corriente 
Porque no quiero que diga la gente 
Que María Cristina me quiere gobernar 

Que vamos a la playa, allá voy 
Que coge la maleta, y la cojo 
Que tírate en la arena, y me tiro
Que súbete en el puente, y me subo 
Que quítate la ropa, y me la quito 
Que súbete en el agua, ¡No!
¡No , no, no, no, María Cristina, 
que no, que no, que no, que no!

Maria Cristina wants to control me
I follow her, I go with the flow
Because I don’t want people to say
That Maria Cristina wants to control me

Let’s go to the beach, here I come
Grab your suitcase, and I grab it
Throw yourself in the sand, I throw myself
Go up the bridge, I go up
Take your clothes off, I take them off
Jump in the water, No!
No, no, no, no, Maria Cristina!
No, no, no no!


Intro: F & C

Chorus: F – D – G – C

Verse: C & F


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